internet safety facts users should know

internet safety facts

  Imagine,  people do not know how to protect their online accounts. Even if most of us use  Internet everyday, we still don’t care about online privacy . Despite off nothing happened to you, doesn’t mean that  won’t ever happens . You probably got lucky til now . Still these things can threat your safety . This happens if you don’t know how to […]

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Taxi drone ehang is a new generation of transportation

Taxi drone

  Taxi drone is definitely the start of something significant in the transportation industry, providing what other transportation means can’t. A fast arrival at the desired destination, time saving, comfortable traveling, and a clean environment, they are all part of the amazing package this taxi-drone is offering. It is definitely something we need to keep our eyes on, as it […]

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Best Google Smartphone Technology in 2017

google smartphone

    Smartphones Fingerprint sensors  Google Smartphone will probably include a sensor on front or back that allows you to unlock the device with a fingerprint. If you use a fingerprint or code, be sure to lock the screen. Otherwise, a thief can easily recycle the device and download the next buyer. Or, even worse, enter your email account and […]

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