Wireless charging technology is coming up no more cables

Wireless charging



Battery is the biggest  inconvenience.

There is nothing more frustrating than a smart phone with a depleting battery, in particular in those moments when you need it the most. There are probably many people out there who hope for a breakthrough to happen in this sector.

Wireless charging device

A group of researches finding a potential solution for charging mobile devices without the use of power cords and chargers. Getting rid of the constant reminder to charge your phone every day. Scientists belonging to the Disney Research centre made a major discover by creating a room where any kind of small electronic device can charge on its own, without the presence of cables.

Wireless charging technology

No more drains,no more cables tangled all around the house or office. All of these will simply go away with the help of the innovation developed by Disney Research. It will be enough for to be present inside that room, and they will automatically start charging wireless. The efficiency degree of this room can be anywhere between 40 and 95%, depending on the location of the object that needs to be charged.

A room providing 1,900 W off energy

A room can supply 1,900 W of energy at once. Which is suitable for various small items that need electrical energy to function. But as in the case of any breakthroughs, there are some downsides as well. Also walls and the ceiling must incorporate special aluminium panels to insure a constant flux or energy throughout the day.

How does a magnetic charger work?

The idea is producing a magnetic field to distribute the energy around the room and to all the devices found inside that need to be charged.  A coil that is connected to the same metal bar, placed as well in the middle of the room. We shouldn’t get too close to the metal bar because it generates a constant magnetic field, it can produce a set of unpleasant symptoms. The magnetic field is not that large and we can stay in the same room. But it is better to stay away from it .

How Wireless charging works ?

The good news is this room prototype possible to use in the future in offices and even large warehouses. In a warehouse, the presence of several copper bars is not necessarily a big issue, but in homes and offices, this can be a problem. While the furniture around the room is not preventing the system to do that job and charge the small devices around the room.  We should constantly be aware, we need to keep a safe distance from it when it functions.

Technology roll

Technology is advancing and with the help of talented and skilled researchers, we are finding solutions for the inconveniences.



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