Taxi drone ehang is a new generation of transportation

Taxi drone


Taxi drone is definitely the start of something significant in the transportation industry, providing what other transportation means can’t. A fast arrival at the desired destination, time saving, comfortable traveling, and a clean environment, they are all part of the amazing package this taxi-drone is offering. It is definitely something we need to keep our eyes on, as it can be one of the technological breakthroughs that can mark this decade.

Drone Taxi in dubai

Drones are already part of our reality. The only thing that stop them for being widely spread is the internal regulations of every country. This matter in Dubai doesn’t seem complicated, as it is soon going to be the first city in the world that will have taxi services provided with the help of drones.

Taxi drone

Taxi Drone has no pilot  

How soon could such drones will be seen on the skies of Dubai?  The team in charge of this project verified the manoeuvrability of the item. The drone controlled with the help of a computer, the passenger will just  enjoy the view. The preliminary tests went on very well, so the first drone taxi in Dubai may be available by July of this year . According to a video released by a governmental agency,passengers will enjoy the taxi-drone, and get around Dubai by air.


What makes it DRONES

The propellers is the only detail turn it to drone maneuverability. The drone being capable of reaching speeds of 160 km/h. It has an electrical propulsion, which means that it can fly 50 km or 30 minutes without stopping, this being its autonomy.  Drone is a model off an eHang184, which was designed and built in China. The machine is capable of transporting one single passenger at once, which can have a maximum weight of 100 kg.

Avoiding Traffic

This drone can be the perfect answer for avoiding busy areas and getting to destination in no time. Plus enjoying the views while traveling. In a few years we may see more of these drones on the skies of large cities.

Bringing it to the public

The issue is providing safety measures and secured condition while flying because the people of Dubai already managed to see the eHang184 drone in action, as it provided demonstrative flights in different occasions for local media. People  probably quite excited about using the drone as a taxi.



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