Best Google Smartphone Technology in 2017

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Smartphones Fingerprint sensors 

Google Smartphone will probably include a sensor on front or back that allows you to unlock the device with a fingerprint.

If you use a fingerprint or code, be sure to lock the screen. Otherwise, a thief can easily recycle the device and download the next buyer. Or, even worse, enter your email account and financial statements and wreak havoc on your digital life.

Type C-USB continues its conquest

This compact, semi-universal connector ends the embarrassment of trying to connect your phone and realizes that it has a micro-USB connector mouth. These ports are everywhere in the year 2017, including the new LG G6 (see picture above).

Many type C USB phones shown in Barcelona also support a fast charge. These ports open possibilities such as having more active phone instead of a USB type C laptop or the tablet battery.

Meanwhile, the wireless payload seems to have increased significantly since last year. The only high-end phone in progress in Barcelona with the possibility of recharging the phone when left in a charging block is the US version of the LG smartphone


Smartphones Headphones 

So far, the smart phone industry does not seem too eager to follow the example of the iPhone and go without the traditional headphone jack.

Two exceptions are the Ultra ($ 749 model in March with a 5.7-inch screen) HTC U and U HTC Play ($ 449, with a 5.2-inch screen). Both sacrifice helmet socket, and instead of the audio channel through its USB-C ports.


Smartphones Hidden stretch storage look

Two years ago, Samsung decided to make the Galaxy S6 as thin as possible prevented the construction of a slot for a microSD card storage. But this idea did not realize.

A card with 128GB of storage, the limit on the phone Motorcycle, only works $ 40 or on Amazon. The G6 accepts cards up to 2 terabytes, which sell for around $ 100.

However, you may not realize that your phone accepts microSD. Many phones hide the slot in the same  tray that hosts the SIM card . This sensitive space saving can harm users who do not exchange the SIM card.

Tip: If you do not have enough space on your phone, check if you can accommodate a microSD card.

Google Smartphone is smarter, thanks to the AI

If you’ve become comfortable with Google now, remembering events that are not even in your calendar, get ready for more brain phone help. Google announced at Mobile World Congress that its Google deputy app would soon reach most new Android phones.

Google Smartphone continues to break

The less attractive habit of non-Apple’s final business phone could be your persistent weakness of Google Android interface mess with property settings, so take your time to send updates.

The LG G6 displays the first of these behaviors. Accustomed Android that move around looking LG in vain a simple, scrolling list of applications.

Some running Android version 6.0 shipped in 2015, and it lacks some important security updates in 2016 sent version 7.0. Selling new phones with the two-year software is not a good idea for the industry; We like to see this addressed before the 2018 Mobile World Congress.


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