8 exciting things about baby growth spurts in womb

baby growth spurts

  What does a baby in womb do in those nine months?   1: Tasting Food When you eat foods, the flavors can be detected in your fluid. Sweet flavors, Garlic, Anise and Ginger are all known to alter the flavor. Experts believe this is nature’s way of preparing the baby for the flavors he is likely to eat when he enters […]

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6 Parents quotes for a Successful Children Growing Up

parents quotes

Leadership experts have discovered different types of mistakes which parents always make when raising their kids.These can reduce their self-confidence from an early age and stopping them from being successful in life. To avoid parents from these mistakes for a successful growing up for kids .   Parents quotes   1. Let your children facing risks   Our world is […]

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Female watching porn more than males

Female watching porn

Nearly 80% of female traffic to porn sites comes from mobile device Smartphone is a media window for females to watch porn all over the world. About 72% of worldwide traffic to porn sites comes from Smartphone and tablets, with the remaining 28% coming from desktops. However, mobile use is much higher with women than men.   Why Smartphone?   […]

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Banana nutrition from eating it twice a day

banana nutrition

Tasty food is not always Healthy But it is different story with banana, this isn’t the case. We going to know some benefits about banana which tasty and healthy if you ate 2 bananas a day. Here is all the evidence showing why eating just two bananas a day can seriously improve your health. What does a banana do for […]

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20 health benefits comes from making love

making love

Studies illustrates, having sex two times a week is away to a fantastic life. This matter is so simple all what you need to do just get yourself into it. Knowing how to make love first? And when is the best time? This the way to get the fundamental benefits for better days.     Benefits  from making love 1. Younger than […]

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10 Surprising Foods You Really Shouldn’t Eat If You’re Pregnant

pregnancy food

A common Food is unsafe to eat during pregnancy.  Some kinds contains Listeria bacteria and the Toxoplasma parasite because they can easily cross through the placenta and infect the fetus, causing anything from developmental problems like blindness to miscarriage and stillbirth. E. coli, Campylobacter, and Salmonella,these are less likely to cross the placenta and do serious harm in the womb. […]

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Taxi drone ehang is a new generation of transportation

Taxi drone

  Taxi drone is definitely the start of something significant in the transportation industry, providing what other transportation means can’t. A fast arrival at the desired destination, time saving, comfortable traveling, and a clean environment, they are all part of the amazing package this taxi-drone is offering. It is definitely something we need to keep our eyes on, as it […]

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