Banana nutrition from eating it twice a day

banana nutrition

Tasty food is not always Healthy

But it is different story with banana, this isn’t the case. We going to know some benefits about banana which tasty and healthy if you ate 2 bananas a day.
Here is all the evidence showing why eating just two bananas a day can seriously improve your health.

What does a banana do for your body?

1. Pressure problems will be normal

Because it is contain around 420 mg of potassium, it is reducing high blood pressure of potassium.

2. Stops gaining weight

Fibre in bananas makes it rich which makes you no longer want to eat another one.
A sort of starch in bananas which is reduces your appetite and stops you putting weight. The level of sugar in your blood going down so your insulin going up. If your body’s cells aren’t sensitive to insulin, they can’t absorb glucose, and your pancreas begins to produce it in larger quantities. Whether the body accumulates fat depends on the insulin present.

3. Anaemia falls

Anaemia is happening because off the level of the haemoglobin been down and a reduction in red blood cells and then you feel tired, problems in breathing and paleness. Bananas simulating the production of red cells because it is contain iron .Vitamin B6 in banana balancing the glucose levels so this definitely helping with anaemia

4. Better Digestion

Bananas can be eaten when a person has gastritis and heartburn, and they restore the minerals lost when a person suffers from diarrhoea. If you suffering from diarrhoea, because it is restore the minerals lose. And also can be eaten when person has gastritis and heartburn.

5. Stress level will go down

Improving your mood by banana .Tryptophan in banana is required in order to receive serotonin ( happiness hormone).
One banana contain around 27 MG of magnesium which responsible for producing comfortable sleep and a good mood.

6. Filling up your vitamin deficit

20% off Vitamin B6 in each banana is enough for daily requirement to produce haemoglobin, insulin and amino acids, in order to produce healthy cells.
Despite off oranges and strawberries have a big amount of vitamin C, Banana contain 15% of what our body need every day
Vitamin C is anti-oxidant also helps keep blood vessels healthy and produces collagen.

7. More energy

Eating banana will protect you from muscles cramps because it is contain potassium, and also providing carbohydrates which is energy for heavy exercises.

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